Finding your writing style

By Mackenzie Mills, writing intern Every writer has a unique way of telling their story. Having your own style of writing creates opportunities for you to stand out and be different than “the crowd.” What do you do though, when you don’t know what your technique is, or even know how to find it? I […]

Tips to help writer’s block

By Mackenzie Mills, writing intern As I begin to dive into my writing career, I am finding that there are endless topics to write about. This is great news for me until I sit down and completely blank on what words to put on the page. Most writers who have experienced writer’s block may feel my […]

How learning a foreign language improves your writing

  By Wayne C. Hahne, Writing Intern Writers are always looking to sharpen their craft in order to both write more proficiently and enhance their style of doing so. One lesser known, but successful method of enhancing your style and gaining more avenues professionally is learning a second language.

Pride and becoming a better writer don’t mix

Pride can be a finicky thing, you can have and be proud of your work, but too much pride can make it hard to learn from mistakes as well. While in my senior year, I look back on the many mistakes I have made and realize that speaking on one specific mistake can help incoming […]

Tips for getting back on track with your writing despite life’s distractions

By Wayne C. Hahne, Writing Intern Whether you’re a college student completing a writing assignment or working on a writing project at your job, life’s circumstance can often negatively surprise you and the related emotions can easily distract from getting your work or studies done. Whether for work or school, habits that help calm and […]

The art of guest blogging

One of my clients, More Than A Review, is a unique book review site that offers advertising services on their website for authors and companies that offer services or products to authors and other avid readers. This worked out pretty well for me recently as I had something I wanted to promote, my new online […]

Four tips for making your online writing successful

4 components of professional online writing

By Wayne Hahne, writing intern Several aspects go into making a blog successful, from developing the idea to sharing of the final product. Each part of the process must be thoroughly planned out to the letter. However, arguably the most important of a successful blog is the writing. Professional writing is an ability that not […]

Education writing vs business writing: the similarities and differences

By Shannon Farr, staff writer For the past year, I have been working for Jamie’s Notebook, writing various business blogs and newsletters. In contrast, for the past three years, I have been a full-time college student; before that, I was a full-time high school student. As you can imagine, I have had to write numerous […]

3 lessons for young or new writers

By Wayne C. Hahne, Staff Writer at Jamie’s Notebook Pursuing a career in writing for those attending college or those freshly graduated can be difficult. On top of persistence and character, professional writers must have the ability to adapt through any hurdles their ever-changing environment is capable of throwing at them. As a senior at the […]