I’m Jamie Smith

Writer & Consultant



Giving You a Voice with the Written Word.

Creating Your Message

You know your vision, your passion, and your business. Let me help put that into words on your blogs, website, newsletters, and more.  

Refining Your Message

Does your website communicate what you think it does? Let me do a review and help you better tell your story. Need help figuring out a blog plan? I can guide you through that, too. 

Empowering Your Message

Let me train you to manage your own online content marketing (blogs, website, newsletters, etc.) with custom workshops.


Blogs, websites, newsletters, email templates, brochures, advertorials, and more.

Website Reviews

A detailed website review gives web design agencies an objective pre-launch check or small business owners with an existing site insight into how to improve their site’s effectiveness.  


Custom Workshops

Writing for online audiences is different from print and each platform has a different strategy and approach. I can teach you how to write for online audiences including blogs, websites, and newsletters.

Public Speaking

Practical, inspiring messages about entrepreneurialism, disability etiquette, or ways to communicate your message. 

Small Business

When you own a business, especially one you created from scratch, it becomes personal for you. I know from my decade of owning Jamie’s Notebook how important it is to find someone you can trust with sharing your story. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur like myself, the owner of a growing company, or an agency needing to partner with a writer that will serve your clients, I can help. 


As a nonprofit organization, your needs and challenges are unique. Recruiting and retaining both volunteers and donors, as well as garnering community involvement, provide you with three distinct target audiences that need their own targeted messages. As a long-time volunteer and nonprofit board member, I understand how to convey the opportunities and challenges to each target audience. Let’s talk! 

How Does This Work?

Have you ever worked with a writer before? Even if you’ve hired a content writer in the past, each person is unique and that makes each partnership unique. 

Here are some of the most common questions I hear about working with me. 

What do you write?

Professionally speaking, I ghostwrite for clients, which means I make it sounds like they wrote it or said it. My name appears nowhere in the work. I specialize in website copywriting, blog writing, advertorial writing, and newsletters writing (and basic design). 

When writing under my own name, I write news articles and blogs on my personal site, Sunflowers & Thorns. My dream is to finally write a couple of books. 

What kind of writing do you not do?

I have largely moved away from most social media writing and I never write resumes, wedding vows, or books for other people.

If you have a need in one of these areas, I have colleagues or places I can suggest for most needs! 

How much do you charge?

My rates vary on the service. Some services are per project and others that include too many variables to create a per-project rate are billed by the hour. For a complete list of rates visit my Rates & Payments Policy Page.

What payment forms do you accept?

I invoice in Square, which allows you to pay via credit or debit card. I also have Venmo, PayPal, and Bill.com. I also accept checks. 

Do you work with agencies?

Yes! Agencies of various sizes often outsource various aspects of their operations, including writing. 

I often collaborate with agencies and other professionals to write for their clients. In some cases, the agency is who hires me and they are the billed client. In other situations, the agency will refer their client to me for the writing component of the project and that client is billed directly. 

In either situation, I require that I be allowed to have access to the client I’m writing about. I’ve found that going through the agency for information, research, and tone of the project creates too many barriers and it is harder to provide quality, effective work. 

Do you donate to nonprofits?

I donate time, talent, and resources to two organizations: GiveCamp NWA where I serve as both a volunteer and board member; and WordCamp Fayetteville’s Meetup Group. 

When my budget and schedule allows, I donate a free website review as a silent auction item. 

Otherwise, my usual rates apply. 

What's the process?

Each service requires a different process. Visit each service page to learn more. 

About Me

“Wonderful to work with.” 

“Great speaker.” 

“Extraordinary writer.” 

These kind words are from people I have worked with either as a writer or consultant. They speak to the quality of my work and the environment I work to create with each client relationship. 

I firmly believe that a positive working relationship is about more than professional skills. 

On my About page, you’ll learn more about who Jamie is and what that looks like for Jamie’s Notebook. Let’s get acquainted! 

What folks are saying

“Jamie’s work has successfully positioned my clients to receive the most exposure they have ever experienced. Her extraordinary writing of personal bios and articles has been seen by all of Northwest Arkansas and continues to help my clients expand. She has truly had an immediate impact on my business.”

“Jamie did a wonderful job of helping us communicate the history of our firm as well as our accomplishments and expertise. Jamie was wonderful to work with and made the entire process very pleasant. We will use her again!”

Jamie is a true wordsmith! She has helped my business more than I can describe. From website review to email campaigns she is the only writer I will use. Call her today and she will get you looking great on the web.”

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