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Writing is what I’m most known for and probably why you chose to visit this website. My writing services include blogs, newsletters, website copy, advertorials, and email templates. 


Do you ever need an unbiased, fresh perspective from an expert? I do website reviews, blog reviews, and motivational/educational speaking.


Want to manage your own blog or learn to write for online audiences? Let me teach you how. 

What People Are Saying

When I look at products or services, I want to know more than what the company thinks I should know. I want to hear from people who have used the services and what say about their experience. The concept of testimonials isn’t new, but I believe it’s even more vital in today’s world than ever before. Check out what some of my past clients and colleagues have said about me.

Jamie’s Notebook has been a vital asset to my business. As a new business owner, I had an impossible time writing about my business. I met with Jamie a few times and simply talked with her about my vision and my thoughts. She then turned my babbling into beautiful script. Not only did she help me with the copy for my entire website, but she has also created countless blog posts that perfectly describe what I want my audience to know. I highly recommend her services if you are having any trouble communicating to your audience!

Jasmine Thompson

Nurture Chiropractic

If you’re serious about marketing your business, I’ve got a resource for you! Jamie’s classes are full of valuable insights to get you started and keep you going in the right direction. She draws on her many years of writing experience and combines this with tried and true methods to develop and maintain interest in your business or blog. Check out her classes. You won’t be sorry!

Gretchen Sawyer

NTI Business & Industry

Jamie is a true wordsmith! She has helped my business more than I can describe. From website review to email campaigns she is the only writer I will use. Call her today and she will get you looking great on the web.

Paul Graham

Wish List Travel

My approach

No matter what the project, I view the working relationship as a sort of partnership. We must work together to make the project successful. You need my help to express what is in your heart and mind, and I need you to help me understand those ideas. 

As a former journalist, I learn best by asking questions. I look at it this way: You may not feel like you know how to tell your story, but all you need is to have someone draw the ideas out. That’s why you need me! 

This is another reason why I usually insist on working directly with the client when an agency hires me. Hearing tone, word choice, and emphasis comes best when it is from the person or company I’m writing about. Being able to capture your unique take on your business is how I make you stand out from your competition.

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