About Me

Life Mission Statement

Inspire people towards better self-awareness and ownership of their inherent value, core beliefs, and purpose through my own personal vulnerability, storytelling, and leadership.

My Bio

My Approach

No matter what the project, I view the working relationship as a sort of partnership. We must work together to make the project successful. You need my help to express what is in your heart and mind, and I need you to help me understand those ideas. 

As a former journalist, I learn best by asking questions. I look at it this way: You may not feel like you know how to tell your story, but you only need someone to draw the ideas out. That’s why you need me! 

This is another reason I usually insist on working directly with clients when an agency hires me. Hearing tone, word choice, and emphasis come best when it is from the person or company I’m writing about. Being able to capture your unique take on your business is how I make you stand out from your competition.

Passion for Empowerment

I want each of my clients to succeed, and I work with them to do my part in that process. Like many of you, I also have groups and beliefs I advocate for both personally and professionally. This part of my business is where Jamie’s Notebook and Jamie Smith the person intersect the most.

I believe in speaking up for those who either don’t have a voice or who need help finding their voice. I believe in supporting ideas that promote smart growth. I believe in providing resources and encouragement for those coming alongside or after me in similar life seasons and circumstances.  

Who I Champion

Gig Economy

As the economy evolves, more people are turning to the “gig lifestyle,” otherwise known as self-employed contract work. I provide information resources and share my own stories of how to make this work style a viable option for both the individual and companies.

Chronic Illness
& Disability

As a person with both a major disability and a chronic illness, I know firsthand the challenges and opportunities available to people in this same season of life. I share articles, tell my own stories, advocate for accessibility, and try to model a healthy way of living with chronic illness in the workplace. 

Upcoming Writers

I had many mentors and encouragers in my life as a writer and want to be that person for others. I do this two ways in my business: working with college interns to give them practice writing for online audiences, and speaking in college or high school groups about my entrepreneurial journey. 

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