Jamie’s Notebook, a writing services agency based in Northwest Arkansas, gives small businesses, new entrepreneurs and organizations “a voice with the written word.”

Through working with the team at Jamie’s Notebook, clients will not only gain a better understanding of who they are as a company, but how to express that identity through their various marketing and communications efforts.

Founded in 2009 by Jamie Smith, Jamie’s Notebook started with a hodgepodge of communication services. Like most small business owners, Jamie adapted her services over time to best fulfill her client needs with her strongest skills. Jamie’s Notebook services now include writing, consulting, public speaking and personal leadership assessments. The most-commonly needed writing services include company blog writing, website writing, newsletter writing, and short feature writing.

Another major change at Jamie’s Notebook was in 2016 when she hired a team of interns to help with various ongoing client projects. The Jamie’s Notebook paid internship program has provided a learning lab for both the young writers needing experience and for Jamie as she supervises the team and grows the business.

Most of Jamie’s Notebook services are for businesses and organizations in the Northwest Arkansas region. That changes in Fall 2017 as Jamie will launch online classes through Teachable.com.

Want to know more about what Jamie’s Notebook can do for you? Contact Jamie today.