The art of guest blogging

One of my clients, More Than A Review, is a unique book review site that offers advertising services on their website for authors and companies that offer services or products to authors and other avid readers.

This worked out pretty well for me recently as I had something I wanted to promote, my new online class Simplifying the Art of Business Blogging, which is available on the platform.

The key to writing a sponsored blog post for any site is to make it not an advertisement. That is, not overly \”salesy.\” What I did was, write a blog about why book authors should learn the skill of blogging for business.

The reasons include:

  • Writing blogs for their own site will help build an audience
  • Writing blogs for their own site will help sell books
  • Writing blogs for any platform is an excellent form of professional development
  • Writing blogs for others is a great way to earn additional income while keeping their own schedule.

As I wrote it, I shared about my business as part of sharing why I had the experience to be sharing this opinion. That\’s where I shared that I teach blogging skills in my online class. One sentence was the advertisement and the rest was useful information to help that site\’s target audience.

Take a look at the blog over on the MTAR site. Just click on the image below!


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