Finding your writing style

By Mackenzie Mills, writing intern

Every writer has a unique way of telling their story. Having your own style of writing creates opportunities for you to stand out and be different than “the crowd.” What do you do though, when you don’t know what your technique is, or even know how to find it?

I personally have struggled with finding a style that is practical and true to who I am. It is easy to succumb to what is popular, but if you don’t find your own flow, your writing will suffer.

I have compiled a few tips to help myself stay on track and focused when writing so I can find my own unique style.


Write often and find your voice

Seems easy enough! The best way to discover what style fits best with you is simply to write. Journal, blog, write a short story, just write so that the more you do it the more comfortable it becomes. With time, you will start to hear your common voice in your writing.

Having a unique voice is important because it is you, not anyone else. You can adapt to use your voice in different styles of writing.

Use your life experiences

A good idea is to write about different things you have experienced in life, whether they are hardships or successes. This may help you develop characters for your writing from real people you have encountered throughout your life.

Writing is an opportunity for you to tell the story through your own looking glass. It is sometimes hard to cultivate feelings and ideas and turn them into words but reflecting on these things can be extremely helpful in your storytelling.

Don’t be afraid to step outside the box 

In writing, you don’t have to follow the status quo, and it doesn’t always have to be perfect. Try new and different techniques to expand and better yourself as a writer. Step out of your comfort zone.

You may find a new style you didn’t even know existed. As they say, you never know until you try!

Writing can be difficult, but these helpful tips make it a little easier. For more ideas of how to find your writing style visit The Balance Careers!

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