Tips to help writer’s block


By Mackenzie Mills, writing intern

As I begin to dive into my writing career, I am finding that there are endless topics to write about. This is great news for me until I sit down and completely blank on what words to put on the page. Most writers who have experienced writer’s block may feel my struggle here.

What do you do when you are having a mental block? I have compiled a list of three things that I do whenever I am struggling to put my thoughts into words.

Get your blood flowing

Sometimes all you need is a little more oxygen flowing to your brain. I like to go for a jog or take my puppies on walk because it allows me to get fresh air and a clear mind. During this time, I try to take in what is around me because the environment/surroundings may give me inspiration. When I get back in front of the paper, my adrenaline is flowing, and I have better focus and new ideas.

Take a break

Taking a step back and realigning your thoughts can be very beneficial. I get frustrated when I feel as though I have a lot to say but cannot find the words to express it, and this makes writing difficult. When I take a break and do something else like hang out with friends or watch an episode of The Office (my all-time favorite show), that frustration goes away. This way I go back to writing with a positive attitude.

Seek inspiration

Inspiration can come from a lot of different places! Pinterest is my go-to for any kind of inspiration. From shopping, to cute quotes or a “How to give your dog the Heimlich” diagram, I can always count on Pinterest to spark an idea. I also enjoy listening to podcasts. I learn so much from just hearing other people’s experiences and thoughts, and this often helps me expand on my own ideas.

I find that even talking to a friend over coffee helps. I like to discuss my thoughts out loud and bounce ideas back and forth. Getting an outside perspective can be so helpful when you are having writer’s block because they might say something that you had not thought of before.

If you experience writer’s block, I urge you to find things that help get your brain juices flowing. Whether it be going for a walk or meeting up with a friend, it may be just what you need to overcome your brain block and help you get to writing again!

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