Training Services

Are you a business owner who knows you need to have a solid inbound marketing plan but aren’t in a place where you can justify the expense associated with outsourcing? I’ve been there.

Or perhaps you are part of a nonprofit organization and, like your small business counterparts, need to manage your marketing or work with a group of volunteers to do the work. Been involved with a good number of nonprofits. Get that, too.

Or perhaps you are a former journalist or an author who wants to learn a new writing niche to bolster your income. Ahem, that’s how I started my business.

A few years ago, I realized I could have a broader impact and help more people if I could teach them to learn to write their own content. 

My training services include group workshops and seminars, as well as one-on-one teaching.

My classes (all are customized):
Growing your Business with a Blog

Blogging for your business has many benefits and will ultimately help you grow your bottom line. By the end of this class, you will understand the value having a blog brings to your business, how to develop a strategy for a blog, writing tips for the blog, and how to maintain the blog moving forward.

Grow Support for your Nonprofit with a Blog

As a nonprofit organization, you must be able to effectively communicate with donors, volunteers, clients, and the community. A blog can help you communicate with unique audiences and raise support for your organization. This workshop will teach you why and how to maintain a blog for your nonprofit.

Mapping Out Your Inbound Marketing

This expanded, six-hour course teaches how to write for online audiences and gives an overview of blogging, website writing, social media, and newsletters.

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