Tips for getting back on track with your writing despite life\’s distractions

By Wayne C. Hahne, Writing Intern

Whether you’re a college student completing a writing assignment or working on a writing project at your job, life’s circumstance can often negatively surprise you and the related emotions can easily distract from getting your work or studies done.

Whether for work or school, habits that help calm and focus yourself are a must if you want to be able to get back on track and complete your work. Here are a few ways you can clear your mind so that you can accomplish what needs to get done.


Write it out through creating a character

When a writer creates a character, that character tends to have some characteristics of the writer. Something that helps people get through any sort of problem is first imagining getting through it by placing a fictional character in the same situation.

This may sound like a strange plan, but it can help you actively think through the problem from the outside looking in so-to-speak and help you resolve the issue. The process puts the issue into perspective and in effects help you learn how someone else got through a similar dilemma, even if it’s just a character you created.

Read a book

Reading a book sounds like a simple idea but it can often be equally helpful in redirecting the mind. Reading about someone or a situation can take your mind off what is stressing you out and help focus it when writing needs to be done.

If finding a book specific to your specific situation is difficult, there are a wealth of avenues where you can search and find one that is perfect for you. Specifically, two sources that have proven to be reliable are More Than A Review and Amazon.

It’s also proven that simply redirecting your thoughts into any book can help clear your head and your emotions enough to help you get back on track.

Play a game

One of the most practiced methods of getting your mind into a better state for writing or working is taking a break with a good game. Regardless if it’s a crossword, board game, or video game, the possibility of destressing through entertainment is a healthy alternative to letting yourself stew on your own thoughts.

By and large, life will constantly throw challenges your way that can sometimes make the smallest tasks immensely difficult. Instead of fixating on the problem and the associated negative emotions, divert attention from the stress so that you can process it in a healthier way.

What are ways that you have discovered work for you when you need to refocus? Share in the comments!

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