Book recommendations for leaders



By Shannon Farr, writing intern

In every area of life, if you want to make a change or alter how you do things, the best way to find inspiration is through the examples of others. Sometimes, this can mean modeling your work ethic after a particular individual. Other times, this means relying on the support of those around you.

What about leadership? What do you do if you want to change your style or focus of leadership? The same solution applies. Learn from the wisdom and the success of others. Here is a list of five books on leadership to inspire, to change, and to educate you about how to be a successful leader.

The Soul of a Leader: Finding Your Path to Fulfillment and Success

By: Margaret Benefiel

This book focuses on how a leader should use and invest their soul throughout their leadership. Benefiel offers insight into how investing your soul into your work can provide a higher response from employees and she also highlights the harm that “selling your soul” or “cutting corners” can have on everyone in a business.


Leading Through Conflict: How Successful Leaders Transform Differences Into Opportunities

By: Mark Gerzon

With an emphasis on conflict in the modern world, this book frames leaders as mediators rather than simply managers. Gerzon uses examples from all walks of life to highlight that mediating conflict in the workplace is one of the biggest jobs of a leader. By asserting that conflict both inevitable and acceptable, Gerzon provides tools and ideas for how modern leaders can mediate ethnically, religiously, politically, and personally driven conflict in the workplace.


Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family

By: Bob Chapman

Using his own experiences as a businessman, Bob Chapman writes about how inspiration is key to a business’ success. At his company Barry-Wehmiller, Chapman’s philosophy is that every single person matters, just like family. Chapman asserts that by caring for everyone within your company and finding inspiration for them, your company will flourish.


The Five Temptations of a CEO: A Leadership Fable

By: Patrick M. Lencioni

Written by the highly sought-after management consultant Patrick Lencioni, this book discusses a few simple behaviors that most people have difficulty mastering. The book includes a self-assessment and simple steps to help leaders recognize the mistakes that leaders often make. Lencioni offers solutions to these mistakes and helps leaders make permanent changes to how they lead.


Through the Labyrinth: The Truth about how Women Become Leaders

By: Alice Eagly and Linda Carli

The author duo of Eagly and Carli tackle the idea that the glass ceiling metaphor is no longer relevant. Instead, they propose that women’s path to power is actually a labyrinth. Using this metaphor, Eagly and Carli discuss the obstacles and challenges facing female leaders and they offer strategies and steps to overcome those restrictions.


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