Investment that empowers a community (why I am sponsoring WordCamp)

\"\"If you had told me nine years ago that I would not only be a part of a tech community but that I would thrive in it, I would have laughed at you. I can barely program a VCR (yes, I just dated myself), let alone do something technical like build a website.

Well, with WordPress, and because of the WordCamp Fayetteville community, I can now do that. Sure, my skills are still much stronger as a writer, but because of the WordCamp Fayetteville community, I have been able to build or rebuild several basic websites every year.

Becoming a sponsor

In addition to actively participating in the WPNWA Facebook group, I’ve also served on the WordCamp Fayetteville Planning Committee in some capacity since the conference began in 2010. I always told myself that donating about $1,000 worth of time and services was enough and that ultimately, I couldn’t afford to pay money to be a sponsor.

On one hand, I probably still can’t afford to be a sponsor given the fact that I now have to work just part-time (my company is still full-time because I have a writing team). But on the other hand, I don’t see how I can afford not to sponsor this year’s WordCamp Fayetteville.

Investment that empowers

The truth is, WordCamp Fayetteville is more than just a day of professional development for writers, bloggers, small business owners, non-profits, developers, and designers. It’s a community that supports these efforts all year long.

By investing a little bit of finances into this endeavor, I’m part of making it possible for all of these businesses and industries to grow in their craft. To grow in a craft that, in turn, helps me and my clients. That, in turn, helps my local economy and community because businesses and nonprofits are empowered by what they learn at WordCamp Fayetteville.

Community empowerment

The best thing about a community is that, when managed well, it nourishes itself. Are you affected by the Northwest Arkansas WordPress community? If so, I hope you will consider becoming a sponsor. We have several options available, including the new micro-sponsorships that allow you to donate money at the time you purchase your ticket.

You are part of the local WordPress community if you:

  • Work in an industry is dependent on content management systems like WordPress (web designers/developers)
  • Work in a related industry such as design or online content writing
  • Own a marketing company that uses influencer bloggers (many whom use WordPress) or that uses WordPress for your clients
  • Own a company or a nonprofit that uses WordPress to power your website
  • Use WordPress to express yourself or even earn a little money as a  hobby blogger
  • Have attended at least one or more WordCamp Fayetteville events, where you got several hundred dollars’ worth of information and support for a mere $20-$30
  • Own a coffee or tea shop that thrives on independent workers who are using WordPress to do their jobs
  • Own a hosting company that hosts WordPress sites
  • Own a local repair shop for devices such as laptops and smartphones
  • Read blogs and websites that are hosted on WordPress (that’s about 74 million worldwide so chances are pretty good) and you care about the Northwest Arkansas business landscape.

Investing even a little bit, through direct donations or donations of needed goods, helps build and grow a community that makes a difference.

I am the Sponsor Wrangler for WordCamp Fayetteville 2018 and would love to talk to you about the different investment opportunities! Please contact me today!

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