Being Productive As A Full-Time Freelancer



By Claudia Young, team member

This month, I am venturing into full-time freelance work. And to be honest, it’s terrifying. I have a Type A personality, but I know that staying at home makes it hard for me to get things done. I turn into a hermit that forgets to shower and eat meals, so I’ve come up with a routine to keep that from happening.

This is the first of a three-part series that will discuss tips for working from home.

The first time I tried full-time freelance work, I was going through a really hard time. I had just graduated college, gotten a full-time job, and was fired unexpectedly after three weeks. I thought to myself, “This is the perfect time to try full-time photography like I’ve always dreamed.” It wasn’t the perfect time though. I was in a new city with no friends, nobody knew about my photography, and I was severely depressed. I lacked the dedication to get my business recognized, and it tanked.

I found a full-time job in the area and learned so much that will carry over into my full-time freelance work, and now I really do think that this is the perfect time.

I want to take you through this journey with me and help you be successful as well. Whether that’s by learning from mistakes or from my successes (let’s hope it’s the latter), I want to be transparent and show you how not so glamourous – but totally worth it – pursuing your dream is.

Let’s start this month with my routine I’ve come up with.

Take a Shower, Get Dressed, Brush Your Teeth

When I feel like a grease ball and wear my pajamas all day, I’ve found that I lack the motivation to get things done. Today as I write this, I am proudly wearing real pants and I have to say…I feel like a superhero. Simple tasks seem doable and the gears in my brain are cranking faster (but that could also be the coffee talking).

If you need help dressing in the morning, check out Cladwell. I’ve used it off and on since September 2017 and it helps me find new combinations of outfits I already have in seconds. It’s like my own personal pocket-stylist!

Make Your Own Coffee

My husband is a coffee snob and loves making it for me, but I’m taking it into my own hands. Brewing my own espresso is a simple task, but it sets my day up for success because I have already accomplished something before my brain has turned on.

Write a To-Do List for Each Day

This seems like an obvious one, but writing (or typing) out a to-do list of just that day’s tasks makes everything seem more achievable. I hate looking at a list of my tasks for a whole week or month. It’s daunting. I still write all of my tasks in a planner, but I love to type out a daily to-do list on my phone so it’s all that I see.

Take Breaks to Eat, Do Something Outside, or Just Turn Your Brain Off

It’s that Type A in me that makes me want to keep going until my to-do list is all checked off. Unfortunately, my brain simply can’t handle that. It needs breaks to keep its creative juices flowing. My normal breaks include making snack platters (I like to have bento-box type lunches), taking my dog for a walk, taking a 20-minute nap, or watching an episode of my favorite show.

Find a Network of Freelancers and Set Up Coffee Dates With Them

I haven’t quite gotten to this point yet since we are in the middle of a move, but I have already started connecting online with other freelancers. We’re all in this together and we need to socialize! I’m excited to make new friends and connections!

So until next month, friends, I encourage you to try a few of the things on this list. If you’re already doing these things, you are a whole staircase ahead of me and I’d love to hear some of your tips!

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