4 ways to integrate your company blog into your overall marketing

We’ve all heard that quote by William Davis, “the road to success runs uphill” but in the case of promoting a business of any size, it does not have to be. Yes, it’s hard work, but careful and strategic planning makes the small business marketing process much easier, efficient and affordable.

The key to any marketing plan is to have an integrated approach, meaning that the different marketing components must integrate with each other, and align with the company’s sales goals.


Integrate your into appropriate social media

Social integration is what most people think of when trying to incorporate their blog into their overall marketing.

Most assuredly, you should share your blog on all social channels immediately when you publish (this really can be automated). But how often to you reshare your blog? First, schedule resharing on each social platform you use for times that are considered best for that audience.
Secondly, if the information is still accurate and good, you should share the blog several times throughout the coming months. What may not have been pertinent to a potential customer at the time may now be necessary information.

Another way to integrate your blog with your social media is to introduce your blog via Facebook Live or even YouTube. You can do a preview and tease to the upcoming blog entry, or you can do a post-publish highlights broadcast.

A third way to better integrate your blog into social media is to shut off comments on your blog and invite them to a post on Facebook where they can join the discussion.

Integrate the blog into the company newsletter

Bring attention to your blog by sharing links in your newsletter. However, simply posting links to your latest blog posts in your newsletter will not garner the number of clicks you would want. Instead, consider choosing your best or most pertinent blog that was posted since your last newsletter to feature.

How do you do this? Write a summary or even include the first paragraph of the blog into your newsletter and then do a “to learn more” link to the blog.

Have more than one blog you want to feature? No problem. Simply make sure that your newsletter has some fresh content that is not anywhere else. Without exclusive content, your readers won’t have a reason to keep opening your newsletter.

Use the blog to generate a contact list

This tip could be considered part of the newsletter tip, but you have the potential for other types of contacts besides newsletter subscribers. When people subscribe to your blog, or even if they simply read it frequently, you are creating a relationship with that audience.

My recommendation is to use your blog to invite people to engage with you in other ways, including subscribing to your newsletter and your “snail mail” mailing list. If you use WordPress, it’s pretty easy to set up subscriber sign-ups using various plugins like SumoMe.

Use blog content to create e-books or white papers

E-books and whitepapers are increasingly popular forms of marketing, especially whitepapers. You can blend your blog into these concepts two ways: either take blogs you’ve already written and compile the ideas into a single, cohesive document, or you can do the reverse and take a whitepaper or e-book and break it up into individual blog posts. Either way, make sure that you cross promote both the blog and e-book/whitepaper.

Do you have other ways to integrate your overall marketing plan? Do you need help integrating your blog into your plan? Contact Jamie’s Notebook today to learn how to better integrate your overall marketing efforts.

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