Introducing the Jamie\’s Notebook team

About a year ago, I had a client who would need up to 10 blogs a week and I knew I would need help with that big of a project. Instead of outsourcing to other freelancers, I decided to build a team within Jamie\’s Notebook. I researched different ways to accomplish this and realized that a perfect fit for my business and personal goals was to hire interns from local universities for the task.

I knew that online writing was not a skill that is taught as a niche in higher education and wanted to provide a way for young writers to learn a valuable, marketable skill. What I didn\’t expect is how much I would learn from them. They\’ve made me a better writer, editor, and ultimately, a better communicator. I\’ve not supervised a team since (ironically) my college days and learning to communicate effectively is so different now than it was then.

It\’s officially been just more than a year since hiring my first intern and now I have three. They work on projects for most of my ongoing clients including blog writing, social media writing, editing, and newsletter writing.┬áTheir work always has and always will go through me. I call them my team because that\’s what they are. Yes, their title is \”intern\” but I want them to know I respect their work and their insights.

After all that explanation, let me introduce the team!


While it was never a secret that I had interns, I\’ve not promoted it until now. The team now has bios on my website and starting this month, the Jamie\’s Notebook business blog will include articles that are not only written by them, but are attributed to them. They all come from different backgrounds, majors and levels of experience so I\’m asking them to draw on that when they write on my business blog.

Want to learn more? Check out the Meet the Team page now.

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