How I celebrate Labor Day


As someone who is self-employed, I can often choose when I work. I took my holiday on Friday and am at the computer screen today.

To be honest, I often struggle with how to celebrate Labor Day because, while I understand the origins, that feels far removed from my own reality.

So today, I\’m going to celebrate the ability to create my own job, which keeps me still able to work part-time as someone who lives with major disability and chronic illness.

Today, I\’m going to celebrate the movement towards a different kind of better work conditions. It may not be child labor or meat-packing plants, but there is a movement to force better working conditions that are more reasonable. The pandemic proved this possible, let\’s keep it going.

Today, I\’m going to celebrate that God provides for both hard work and rest in our work lives. That God provides a path if we dedicate our work to him.

Happy Labor Day.


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