What should I post on social media?

\”What should I post on social media for my business or nonprofit?\”

That\’s a question I get asked a lot, even though I don\’t offer social media management as a service anymore. Here is what I tell them: If you niche your client base or the work you do for them, don\’t be afraid to go outside those specific niches with your content as long as it\’s still relevant! In fact, I encourage you to do so.

I specialize in website copywriting, blog writing, newsletter writing, and press release writing. I specifically do NOT manage social media. But on my business social media and now in this blog, I still share articles and information about social media management because my clients still need it to make sharing what I do for them easier! So, while I don\’t do social media management, it is a part of content marketing, and social media is essential for making much of what I do a success. It helps me help my clients better.

The same is when you niche your audience; if your target audience is pregnant women, don\’t just share content about being pregnant. Family life, spouse relationships, etc., are all still relevant to that person. If you\’re an accountant, share information about saving money and other information that you know would specifically interest your target audience.

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