The idea of #GiveThemJamie and what it means for YOUR business

By Jamie Smith, owner

When I talk to people about their website and their blogs, I often ask what makes them the preferred provider or what makes them different from the competition.

I often get answers that force me to push further because they are too vague. \”Great customer service\” (does that mean your competition gives bad customer service?) is one answer. \”We have lots of experience\” (again, are all your competitors new in the industry?) is another common answer.

I recently had a conversation with a new client who, like me, has a down-to-earth, sometimes even fun approach to their business. This made that client feel inadequate like \”well, I\’m just me.\” I told her that\’s exactly what her clients need. They need her knowledge. They need her approach. They need her way of using her knowledge and wisdom to make their lives better.

I told her to give them (insert her name). 

This made me think about a blog I wrote for my personal blog, which I rarely, if ever, mention on my business blog or social media. On my personal blog, I talked about my guiding phrase for the year, which is Give. Them. Jamie. (or #GiveThemJamie in hashtag form).

This comes from the trend that I love every year to choose a single word as a theme for the year. This is often in lieu of New Year\’s Resolutions. The problem was, I couldn\’t settle on one word and the phrase \”Give them Jamie\” kept resonating in my head.

I chose that as my theme phrase with the individual words \”authenticity, vulnerable, wisdom, original and shine\” as descriptive words to flesh out the concept. I have been working in my own way to apply that to my life and business. I\’ve found that when I choose to #GiveThemJamie, I do my best work. I am more balanced. I am more complete in who my Creator made me to be.

So why am I writing this on my business blog? I want to challenge you to think of your life and business in this way. How do you give your clients and customers you? How do you make working with you a unique, valuable experience?

How can you give them (insert your name) today?


1 thought on “The idea of #GiveThemJamie and what it means for YOUR business”

  1. Jamie this was a very insightful post. You are so correct people want YOU.

    A little story. Something happened recently with new subscribers to my list. They were redirected to a one time offer page set up with a “Pay What You Want” offer that wasn’t working correctly, it gave a fixed price instead. Not good.

    When someone told me about it I was ready to fly out of my skin, how did this happen, I’m supposed to be the expert right?

    I thought about all the ‘expert’ ways I could use to exonerate myself… what happened in the end was that I sent them a heartfelt email apology, I showed them myself, my true self.

    Not one single person unsubscribed, in fact, that broadcast had the highest engagement rate ever with replies, and opens. And the one after it, and the one after it.

    I let them see me and I was rewarded by it.

    Thank you for giving me words for this. #GiveThemLily (I can borrow right?)

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