Thoughts from Ireland: Wisdom comes from experience

Most people posit that wisdom comes with age, and I’d agree with that. But what about the younger generations? As a 21-year-old, I am left to wonder, how do we become wiser? Do we simply have to wait for the years to pass?

Through my relatively short time alive, I have come to form the opinion that wisdom stems from experiences and from trying new things. I also have come to believe that this does not simply apply to personal life experiences. While I am not particularly wise, I do think that the experiences I have given me some insight into how to pursue life.

My philosophy is simple: new experiences are the best ones.


Over the summer, I studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland. More than that, I was given the opportunity to work for an Irish company, as a communications intern. While the work was challenging and right up my alley, you can imagine the intensity of holding a job outside of your native country.

Needless to say, I was terrified. It was going to be my first trip outside of the United States, because Canada for a day does not count in my book. I had to take a long, overnight, international flight, leaving behind my loving family at the airport. Once there, I immersed myself in everything Irish.

And while I was initially terrified, everything about my trip changed me. Overcoming the fear, setting out on an adventure, and striving to experience as much as possible, I had the time of my life.

The moral of the story? Do not let fear or the unknown hold you back. While you may not be facing a three-month study abroad trip, life is full of the unknown. In your workplace, in your office, and in your life, the world is constantly throwing the unknown at you. The challenge is not letting the safe and the comfortable weigh you down.

My advice to you is to face life head-on. Whether you are considering switching jobs, changing your current work plan, or simply waiting to see where life takes you, do not be afraid. Some hesitation and a little apprehension are normal. But standing still and being afraid to move forward should not become your normal.

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