3 reasons your website agency needs independent site audits

“We already do that” is the most common response I get when approaching website design agencies to offer my website audit services. 

Today, I’m going to share the top three benefits my website agency clients say my site audit services bring them and, in turn, their clients. 

As discussed in this blog, I offer website audit and review services to small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and website agencies. Site audits and site reviews are often terms that are used interchangeably, but for the sake of this discussion, let’s differentiate. 

A site review is taking a look at the site overall to see if it matches up with your target audience and your sales goals. It also takes a look at what information and potential features that need updating. I tend to do these for existing websites that need updating to match the site owner’s current and future goals. 

A site audit is what I would consider more strenuous and looks at how well the site functions, how well it is written, SEO, and overall perception. Generally, I do these for new websites, often in conjunction with a website design agency that either wants a fresh set of eyes on the final work or wants a content writer’s perspective. 

3 Reasons a Web Agency Needs Site Audits 

You know, when those web agencies tell me they already do a pre-launch site audit, they are absolutely right. Of course, you check all the buttons, run all the forms, proofread all the words, etc. So please don’t take this as me saying website designers or developers don’t check their sites! 

These are three ways that I’ve been able to bring added value to a website project with my site reviews. 

Fresh set of eyes

This encompasses a lot, but the site audits I’ve done gave a fresh set of eyes on a site that many people had already pored over. I was able to give an unbiased perspective on if the site hit its target goals. 

Catching missed items

It happens to all of us! I’ve found unedited pictures placed on a site, buttons that didn’t work, and even pages that redirect to the wrong place. One time, both the site agency and the client looked at a new site before it launched. They each found a handful of things that needed to be changed. At the last minute, they decided to have me take a “quick look.” I found five pages’ worth of things that could be improved or were entirely wrong. 

Increased Credibility 

I don’t have to tell any of you that the market for website production and other content marketing is really full right now. I’ve had agencies tell me that their clients were impressed that they offered an independent pre-launch site review (and didn’t charge an additional arm and leg for it). Another way a site audit adds credibility is if there is a feature or item on the site that you think should be different but the client isn’t convinced. Having two professionals say the same thing can be the tipping point in changing the client’s mind. 

Need help?

My site review/audit services can also be helpful for clients who are having you rebuild a website from an existing site. I work with the client to determine the messaging and ways that the site needs to change from a content perspective. This service is especially helpful for independent designers who do not have a content specialist on staff. 

Would you like that added peace of mind or help with your sites? Let me know how we can work together to give your clients the best experience ever. 

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