4 tips for getting organized

By Shannon Farr, Writing Intern

You are working on one project, something comes up, so you just push it aside on your desk until you finish the next project. But wait, something comes up at home and you have to rush out of the office. Now your desk has three or four projects laying around, all mixed together and cluttered up.

So how do you move from a disorganized work area to more organization and more productivity? Here are four simple steps to help you organize your work life.

Try a new filing system

It took me one grocery store trip to buy a pack of folders and a Sharpie. Twenty minutes later, I had created labels for each of my projects, and I found a shelf on my desk where everything fit perfectly.

For you, it might be implementing a new computer folder system on your desktop. Instead of simply saving those projects to your desktop, try making new folders with easy to identify names. This could save you fifteen minutes of searching through your documents to find that one project.

Find a planner that works for you

Whether you carry around a datebook or have alerts set up through an online calendar, it is important to organize your events. Some people find writing everything in a planner tedious, so if you are one of those people, try using Google calendars.

By organizing your events and prioritizing meetings and obligations, you will find that you will have more time to yourself and more time for your workload.

De-clutter your workspace

Every desk is unique because every person is unique. But take a look at your desk. Is there something on the desk that you don’t really need? Is it necessary to have five family photos, or would just one work?

One of the biggest issues with disorganization and misplacing things in the work area revolves around a cluttered workspace. So, take a minute and inventory what you have filling up your desk space. If there is something that could be put in a drawer or removed entirely, go ahead and move that item.

Balancing your life

As someone who tends to over-commit to projects and extracurriculars, I know that balancing life with work, school, and everything else is difficult. But it is definitely necessary. It is important for your productivity and your sanity to take a look at the balance in your life. If you are overcommitting and are constantly stressed, try adjusting your perspective. Look at what is most important to you and make sure you are prioritizing what matters most to you.

And if you need help with this, don’t hesitate to contact Jamie’s Notebook today to learn more about the myth of the Work-Life Balance and how to properly balance your life.

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