Who should be writing your company blog? Questions to help you decide



We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of having a business blog, and even how to make that blog successful. However, we have not spent time discussing how to go about choosing the right blogger for the job.

When deciding who should write your business’ blog, you have two options. Should you use an in-house source or outsource to find the right blogger? Pros and cons exist for each option.

In-house or outsource your company blog?

If you are considering an in-house blogger, you are more likely to find someone who intimately knows your company’s culture and process, however, they will not necessarily have business blogging experience. Similarly, if you or an existing employee write the blog, you would have to tack on blogging in addition to existing duties.

By using outsourcing your blog to a professional writer, you are providing a blog that is written by an experienced and efficient professional blogger. Unlike someone who is already familiar with your culture and company processes, this blogger may need more research time, including potential interviews, because they may lack knowledge about your industry or business.

Questions to ask when hiring a blogger

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when deciding between blogging in-house or outsourcing it to a professional blogger.

How much time will it take?

How much time is involved for an employee, or even the small business owner, to write the blog? Consider that allotted time in terms of billable hours, because that\’s what you\’re taking up by having an employee write the blog when they could be doing something else that brings in more money.

Are professional writers available?

With the internet, you can find writers anywhere in the world. But it\’s wise to find one that is closer to your business so that you can meet in person. Also, if they are local, they can better understand your local culture. Are there local freelance writers who are experienced business bloggers? What about a full-service marketing agency that could offer the same service? You have several potential outsourcing options available.

Are there other alternatives?

Instead of outsourcing long-term, is there another way to meet your goals? This could include paying a consultant to train an employee or switching who writes the blog within the company.

Evaluate the return on investment

Many small business owners try to start their blog on their own but sometimes discover they are unhappy with the results. If you are evaluating the productivity and profitability of hiring a blogger, ask yourself the following questions. Are you getting the return on time investment? If it\’s not working how you thought it should, why not? Consider outsourcing the blog or consulting with a professional to see what should be done better.

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