A goal review and look to what\’s next


A big part of setting goals is reviewing those goals mid-way through the time you\’ve set for yourself. At the beginning of 2015, I established several business-related goals with specific deadlines. I realize that it\’s past the true mid-year point, but I want to take time to review those goals and my progress. 

Goal: Complete Words Matter e-book (Desired completion: March 30, 2015)

My plan was to finish writing my e-book that is a detailed version of the Words Matter presentations I do for local business organizations. I\’ve started it, but not gotten far. To be honest, I\’ve always had an \”off\” feeling about it and I think I know finally understand why.

I think I needed time to really flesh out my ideas on the subject matter. My outline I had was great, but what I think I will end up is even better. I\’m realizing that I needed to present the ideas to a variety of audiences (before it had only been two very similar audiences) to figure out just what they need to read.

I\’m making changes based on questions and ideas that have come along in recent months. I\’m also going to make it a detailed workbook rather than a standard e-book. I\’m keeping it as an e-book for now but might consider printing options for workshops.

Goal: Schedule 5 business presentations with chamber/civic/conferences (Desired completion: December 31, 2015)

I achieved this goal well before the December 31 deadline. I will still pursue speaking opportunities, but I can finish the year knowing I achieved this goal. I\’ve done presentations for two different WordCamps, a chamber university event, networking group, and a small business development association.

Goal: Complete both Toastmasters manuals (Desired completion: December 31, 2015)

I joined Toastmasters in October 2014 and decided to get both the Competent Communicator and the Competent Leader manuals completed in one year. I\’ve done 8 out of 10 speeches in the communicator manual, which is excellent progress.

I\’ve barely started on the leadership manual although I\’ve completed leadership roles nearly every meeting. The problem has been I simply don\’t think to complete the manual in time and get it signed off. That\’s a silly excuse, to be sure. I\’m even the vice president of public relations for the club so it\’s clear that I\’m invested in leadership.

My plan is to go through the leadership manual and assign specific projects to specific days I\’m doing the projects. Instead of being an after thought, I will make the manual a scheduling tool rather than an afterthought.

Why is the leadership manual important? After all, as a business owner and club officer, I\’m already accustomed to using leadership skills. It\’s important to me in part because it\’s a personal achievement. It\’s also in support of my club and a way to fine tune my leadership and service skills.

Goal: Finish Enough series (Desired completion: June 30, 2015)

Considering the \”enough\” series is part of my personal blog, this may not sound like a business goal. Growing my blog is a business-related goal, however. I\’ve also found that writing about \”enough\” is something I want to incorporate into my speaking services.

I\’m closer to finishing but did not meet my additional June 30 goal. I\’m currently evaluating my original plan and deciding if the life roles I wanted to discuss still ring true.

Goal: Find two new to me publications to write at least one article for (Desired completion: December 31, 2015)

I completed this goal well before the deadline and it makes me think that I did not set the bar high enough. I\’ve written for three new-to-me publications and still plan to find new ones through the Writer\’s Guide. My revised goal is to find one national publication that will accept an article before this December 31 deadline.

Goal: Diversify income with an e-course, scheduled workshop, or webinar (Desired completion: December 31, 2015)

This goal goes hand-in-hand with the e-book now that I\’ve decided to make it a workbook. I have conducted several small workshops for other organizations and I would like to do it on my own. I can move outside the NWA region by doing the same thing in a webinar.

I plan to do this sometime in the fall or early winter now that I have the curriculum better fine-tuned.

Have you reviewed your business goals? How is it going? Share in the comments!

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