How to know if you need new website copy


The words on your website tell a story to every person who visits. My question to you is, what story does your website tell? Even if the words were perfect a few years ago, you will eventually come across scenarios where the website copy needs to be tweaked or completely rewritten.

Incidentally, the above is true for your entire website design and structure. Most websites need a complete overhaul every few years with minor tweaks in between. I’m the words girl, however, so we’re just going to talk words today.

Here are a few scenarios where I tell clients they need to re-examine their website copy:

Traffic problems?

I don’t mean the roadway kind! You or an SEO consultant should regularly monitor your website traffic analytics to determine how many people visit your site, from where, and what search terms brought them to your site. If any of these results surprise you or are not what you need to grow your business, it’s time to examine your SEO.

Also keep in mind that consistent, fresh content is the best way to have good search engine results. You can accomplish this two ways (I encourage both)—making sure you maintain a blog and keep your static website content fresh is vital. It needs to use keywords artfully and strategically.

The only constant is change

Change is a pretty big category, isn’t it? Essentially, if anything changes in your company your website needs to change alongside the organization changes.

Here are just a few scenarios that could apply:

  • If you rebrand your company, the website needs new text to match that branding. In the case of total rebranding, you really need a whole new website. The words need to fit the new colors and message. Even if the branding changes are subtle, the written way you convey that message should also change.
  • If you get a website redesign (for any reason, not just rebranding), you need new copy throughout the site. Even if the information is essentially the same, reword it slightly. Customers will notice if the website design is new but the website words are old.
  • If you make any changes to services (additions, deletions or modifications), you need to update any pages that mention the services. As obvious as that may sound, remember that it’s not just the services page. The website should mention your product and services throughout its pages and any related pages should receive an update if those services or products change.
  • If your staff changes, that information needs altering on the website. If the website features someone who no longer works at the company, it is unprofessional and potentially confusing to leave that person on the website. If someone new steps into a role that you determine the website should include, be prompt about adding that person. If your website mentions your staff anywhere besides the “About Us” page, that should also receive an update.
  • This is another obvious one, but if you make any changes to your contact information, make sure to change it throughout the site. Also, if street names change in your area make sure the directions you provide to your facility are still correct (and easy to understand).


If you haven’t made any changes to your website in a few years, you need to refresh both the design and the copy. It’s the virtual window into your company and it should be fresh, accurate and updated.

What’s your story?

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