What’s in a notebook?

Web Ready-5245Jamie at Jamie’s Notebook works closely with entrepreneurs, organizations and established businesses to help them express their ideas, share their vision, or better comprehend their individual character DNA.

Empowering small businesses and organizations is the focus of each communications service at Jamie’s Notebook.

These services include:

  • Writing
  • Consulting/Training
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Personal Leadership Effectiveness Advisement.

More about Jamie’s Notebook services

Writing services

JamiesNotebook_Slider-236x300Jamie’s Notebook offers a multitude of writing services including:

    • Company blog writing
    • Website writing
    • Feature writing
    • Personal bio writing
    • Press release writing (and distribution)
    • Brochure writing
    • Advertorial writing

Have a specific writing or training request? Let me know and we can discuss if it’s a good fit. 

Speaking/Consulting services

Jamie’s Notebook offers a growing number of consulting and speaking services including:

  • Seminars about blogging for business and better online writing practices
  • Coaching on blogging for business and better online writing practices
  • Online webinars and training
  • Other possible small business-related topics (just ask!)

Learn more about my speaking/consulting services here.

Personal Leadership Effectiveness Advisement

Personal Leadership Effectiveness (PLE) is an individual’s “character and behavior DNA.” PLE is vital to both personal and professional success! Jamie is certified in PLE advisement, which means she works with individuals to better understand their results on the MERIT Profile Assessment (see an example here).

The MERIT Profile is a character and behavioral assessment tool to enhance your hiring and employee development efforts. The MERIT Profile can be applied as a companywide development instrument and/or a talent acquisition tool for individual job positions.

The MERIT Profile Assessment measures a person’s strengths and soft spots in 10 character-based principles. Having a baseline understanding of a person’s character DNA gives that person the ability to know what changes they need to make to achieve success, and it can give potential employers a better understanding of their team members.

Learn more about PLE Advising here.