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Writing for online & print

Do you struggle to find the words you need to express the value and passion behind what you do?

Are you driven to make a difference with your ideas but feel more comfortable expressing them in person? 

Do you know you need something in writing to tell your story but are not sure what that looks like? 

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then we need to talk. Whether that story is simply explaining your services or sharing a broad vision for the future of your organization, my writing services help you craft your message. 

My background is print journalism, but I now write mostly for online audiences. I can write your blogs, your newsletters, and your website. I still write for print, including brochures, and can ghostwrite articles for print publications. 

Sometimes my clients need to have a cohesive message that fits both print and online purposes. I do that, too! 


Frequently Asked

What do you write?

The most frequent writing requests I get are for blogs, website copy, advertorials, newsletters, press releases, email templates, and bios. I write much more, however! Just ask.  

What do you not write?

I will happily refer you to a qualified person to help with your resume, book ghostwriting, and most social media content writing. 

What is the difference between writing for print and online audiences?

The key difference is that print writing is for one audience: the reader. Online writing is for two audiences: the reader and the search engines. Other differences are in format, style, and, in some cases, grammar. Good writing wins, no matter the platform! 

What is your process?

Generally speaking, my process is to conduct the consult/interview, write a first draft based on that information, and we work through the necessary edits. When it comes to blogging for clients, I’m generally comfortable doing my own research if I know the overall direction. Clients are required to approve any projects before they are published. 

How much do you charge?

A majority of my writing service fees are per project or per page. This makes it easy to estimate for me and budget for you. You can see details about my fees and policies on my Rates & Payments page. 

The fees include the entire process, from consult to writing to completing reasonable edits.

What is a "reasonable edit"?

It is easier to define what is not a reasonable edit. That would include (but not limited to) edits such as: 

  • A near total or total rewrite
  • Adding a large amount of information left out during the original interview; and 
  • A change in scope and direction of the project. 

Edit fees are based on the project.

Do you design websites or print projects?

No. I write the words and collaborate with talented designers and developers on projects. These are usually professionals I will recommend to you and you choose which fits your needs best. 

Your Message. All Audiences. 

Online Writing

Most people consume their information from online sources, making it vital that you have a solid online presence. I have the skills to help you with conveying your message in blogs, on your website, in your newsletter, and more.

Print Writing

Contrary to popular belief, print is not dead! It is simply more focused. Let me help you with your brochures, white papers, and other print projects.

Blended Writing

When you use both online and print communication, it is vital that your message fits your brand across all platforms. I can write your projects in a way that it fits the medium and the target audience.

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