Writing services

Jamie’s writing services include:

Company blog writing-Blogging is a marketing standard. Don’t get left behind! Jamie ghost writes any company blog or coaches your employees how to manage your blog.

Website writing-Need to refresh your website or have a whole new site written? Jamie produces well-written, interesting content that will capture your target audience’s attention as well as the search engines.

Newsletter writing-Sending an e-newsletter is one of the best ways to engage current and potential customers. Jamie writes and assembles newsletter content that engages and informs each of your target audiences.

Feature writing-Need to submit an article for a publication? Jamie writes the feature article in a variety of different styles to fit what you and the publication needs. This could include local magazines and trade publications.

Press release writing (and distribution)-Hiring a former reporter to write your press release already puts you ahead of the game. Jamie knows how to write press releases that are more likely to be picked up by news agencies because Jamie knows how to reach their target audience.

Brochure writing-Print is not dead! Businesses just need to be more focused with how they use their print materials. Jamie writes brochures that tell your story and provide vital information.

Advertorial writing-Did you purchase an advertorial space in a publication, either online or in print? Jamie writes feature articles that tell your story without being too “salesy” (in other words, more appealing to the reader).

Have a specific writing request? Contact  Jamie to discuss if it’s a good fit. 

How does writing words give a voice?

Jamie works with business and organizations that need to share their story on their website and other online platforms, or in a print publication.

When businesses and organizations can share their story online or in print, it gives them a voice.