The Day Facebook Died (and why it shouldn’t have been your website in the first place)

It’s been a week since Facebook and its related apps (Instagram and WhatsApp) went down for more than 12 hours. Have you recovered yet? It was frustrating for most users, especially those who rely on Facebook to communicate with their business customer base. The hashtag #FacebookDown was comical and incredibly ironic, considering Facebook itself had […]

Tips for getting the best photos for your website and social media

By Claudia Young, Writing Intern (and professional photographer) In the midst of business startup costs, it’s hard to justify hiring a photographer to take your social media and website photos for you. While the outcome would be professional and beautiful, sometimes it’s just not in the budget in the beginning. If you’re needing some new […]

Jamie’s Notebook joining with NTI Business & Industry for classes (press release)

New courses at NTI Business & Industry to address website, corporate blogging needs NTI partnering with NWA-based writing services company Jamie’s Notebook   SPRINGDALE, Ark.—Two new classes being offered in July at the Northwest Arkansas Technical Institute Business & Industry in Springdale will address a different kind of skill from their usual small business-oriented offerings. […]

How to know if you need new website copy

The words on your website tell a story to every person who visits. My question to you is, what story does your website tell? Even if the words were perfect a few years ago, you will eventually come across scenarios where the website copy needs to be tweaked or completely rewritten. Incidentally, the above is […]