Jamie offers a variety of consulting and public speaking services including:

  • In-person seminars, workshops and webinars
  • Website reviews
  • A growing number of online courses available on Teachable.com (returning soon)
  • One-on-one coaching, and
  • Motivational speaking.

Jamie’s speaking and consulting services give companies and organizations a voice by guiding people through the process of learning to share their own stories.

Her speaking experience includes audiences such as WordCamp Fayetteville, WordCamp Kansas City, Women In Networking, Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center, BRC Networking group, Arkansas Women Bloggers University, Village Writing School and multiple Northwest Arkansas chambers of commerce.

Jamie’s Notebook in-person and online consulting and speaking services

Online courses: Jamie recently launched an online school at Teachable.com. Join the school to learn more about the offerings for independent, online learning! (These courses are in the middle of being redesigned and will return soon).

Seminars: These informative sessions are usually about 45-60 minutes long and can be adapted to a shorter time frame if necessary.

Workshops: Jamie’s workshops are much like the seminars, but more hands-on for the participants. The information is more in-depth and sessions are usually 2-3 hours long, depending on the topic. Six-hour workshops are also available for extended or combined topics.

Webinars: These sessions are provided using the Zoom online meeting platform. Online, self-paced workshops are coming to this platform soon!

Motivational speaking: Jamie is often asked to speak on various professional and personal development topics including disability advocacy and personal leadership effectiveness.

One-on-one coaching/consulting: Jamie offers a variety of consulting and coaching services. She can meet in person or via Zoom to provide customized training and consulting for blogging and website writing. Another potential service is a website audit that provides the client with recommendations for improving their website.

Website review/audit: Jamie or a member of the writing team will examine your website for speed, effectiveness and overall content. Then make recommendations for improvement.


Potential topics for Jamie’s speaking and consulting services

  • A beginner’s guide to online writing (general and WordPress specific) (seminar and workshop availability)
  • Why and how a business/organization should have a blog (seminar and workshop availability)
  • Best practices for websites (seminar and workshop availability)
  • The Fallacy of Work/Life Balance-and a better solution (seminar availability)
  • What does real success look like? (seminar availability)

Have another topic you want to hear from Jamie about? Contact her see if it’s a good fit!

Want to learn about company blog writing, website writing or other online writing practices? Or perhaps, you want to help inspire your audience with a session about leadership and small business. Jamie’s sessions are customized to the audience, informative and insightful.