Public Speaking

Inspiring, Challenging, and Educating your Audience

Inspiration & Expertise for Your Audience

As human beings, we can absorb more information or accept hard truths when delivered from someone we can relate to and trust. It also helps when the messenger has a sense of humor! 

Whether I’m educating audiences about writing and using WordPress, or inspiring them with my entrepreneurial story, or enlightening them about disability etiquette, I weave humor, stories, and facts throughout the narrative. 

Need a keynote or someone to speak in a conference breakout session? Or maybe you need a speaker to inspire your audience during a monthly meeting or professional development day. Ask me how we can work together to inspire and enlighten your audience. 


A Message Your Audience Needs to Hear

Writing Inspiration

I love talking about writing! If your classroom, professional development event, or conference needs someone to talk about writing, I’m your gal. 

Navigating the Entrepreneurial Journey

Did you know you don’t necessarily have to be a business owner to be an entrepreneur? I use my own studies and lifetime of living the entrepreneurial spirit to share about mission, mindset, and authenticity. These talks are customized to the audience and are great for keynotes, breakout sessions, and more. 

Disability Etiquette/Advocacy

Disability is something that is vastly misunderstood and usually seen as a negative. As a person with both visible and invisible disabilities, I advocate for disability access and etiquette. I’ve written on this topic and done several talks on this topic, including a TEDx talk on disability etiquette. 

Where I’ve spoken

  • TEDxDicksonSt. 
  • NWA Business Women’s Conference
  • Women In Networking NWA
  • WordCamp Fayetteville
  • WordCamp Kansas City
  • Various civic and school groups
  • NorthWest Arkansas Community College
  • Arkansas Scholastic Press Association

In this TEDx talk, I share about four common miscommunications between the able-bodied and disability communities.