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Consulting Services to Help Tell the Story You Want to Tell 

Tell the Story You Want to Tell

Have you ever looked at your website and realized that it just didn’t “feel” like you anymore? Or are you an agency about to launch a client site and you want to get a third-party, unbiased viewpoint? You need a website review.

Or, you know you want to start a blog but feel blocked when figuring out what to write? I can help you develop a plan, complete with topics that tell your story.

Are you new to digital marketing or even a new business and need help prioritizing your efforts and defining your message? I can help you figure out where to start and how to make all the pieces work together.



Consulting FAQ

What is a website audit/review?

A website audit/review looks at your site from the user perspective. This service is valuable for two audiences:

  • A company that has been in business for at least one year, or
  • A web agency getting ready to launch a client website.

My site views check basic ADA compliance, page speed, SEO, and link checks. It also includes a detailed, page-by-page content review.

Depending on your goal and the individual project, a website review can: 

  • Determine if your website fits your current needs and future plans. 
  • Help you plan your content and make other improvements. 
  • Give your agency a safety net and added credibility with a third-party review. 
Why does a web agency need a review service?

You’re probably thinking, “We have our staff review our sites before they launch.” Here’s the thing: You and your staff have been looking at this project and working with this client for what I’m guessing is months by now. 

Agencies hire me to give a fresh look at their sites before launching. I can catch little mistakes and can give a user perspective on the site’s effectiveness, especially the messaging. 

Clients have told me that it adds credibility to their firm when they tell clients that a third party reviewed their site.

When should my company get a website review?

It depends on your goals. I recommend that if you are a relatively new business, you get a website review after one year. I would also recommend a review every couple of years or if you go through major changes, such as a change in target market. 

How much does a website review cost?

Site reviews start at $50 for the first 4 pages (contact page is free). Any additional pages are $10 each page.

Extensive consulting and plan development after the review is an additional fee and is based on the $50/hour rate unless otherwise discussed.

If you have a website that is a single page that uses anchor text, it is $50 per hour. 

What is the review process?

For an existing business or organization:

  • I first meet with you to determine your needs and plans for the future.
  • I then review your site in great detail. Depending on your goals, I either make suggestions on easy changes/fixes to the current site, or I develop a plan for a new website.
  • Finally, I meet with you to discuss the results and where you should go from there.

For an agency needing a pre-launch website review, the process is less detailed but just as effective! I just need the website URL and perhaps knowledge of the client’s target audience. Otherwise, I can provide the most unbiased review if I am not provided with any other information about the project.

I review the site and complete a detailed form that I submit to the agency upon completion. I’m available for questions and clarification after the review is complete. 

Can you help me figure out my blog or website and let me take it from there?

Yes! Some people feel comfortable writing once they get going, and all they need is help figuring out the plan. I can develop a list of blog topics and an editorial calendar for you, then be available for help on the writing if necessary. When it comes to your website, some people want to learn a new skill or they already know basic web design. I can help you figure out what content you need and guide you through the process of figuring out what goes where. 

Can you help me figure out what my message is?

The short answer is, it depends. Clients often have a feeling of what they want to convey; they just don’t feel comfortable figuring out how to articulate it. If that’s you, I can guide you through that process. What I can’t do is figure out what your goals are or what it is that you want to convey. 

Guidance from an Expert

Website Reviews

Make sure your website says what you need it to say for both now and the future.

Blog & Website Concepts

Get help figuring out what blog topics to write about and when. Discover what web content you need for a successful site.

Focused Messaging

No one should let their message focus and delivery be trusted to a bottle. Let’s figure out where you should start with your messaging and where to take it as you grow.

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