Tips for getting back on track with your writing despite life’s distractions

By Wayne C. Hahne, Writing Intern Whether you’re a college student completing a writing assignment or working on a writing project at your job, life’s circumstance can often negatively surprise you and the related emotions can easily distract from getting your work or studies done. Whether for work or school, habits that help calm and […]

The art of guest blogging

One of my clients, More Than A Review, is a unique book review site that offers advertising services on their website for authors and companies that offer services or products to authors and other avid readers. This worked out pretty well for me recently as I had something I wanted to promote, my new online […]

Managing a Multigenerational Workplace

By Shannon Far, Writing Intern Every workplace is different. Some places require business formal dress every day, while others rely heavily on being an online business, while others still are trying their hardest to market to as many people as possible. Some of the biggest conversations in business revolve around this idea of a generational […]

Do you hear what I hear? A TEDx talk about communication

Anyone who follows my business and this blog knows I enjoy talking about various forms of communication including writing and how we communicate as leaders. Last October, I had the honor of presenting a TEDx talk at TEDxDicksonSt. For my talk, I discussed a different kind of communication, this time between the able-bodied world and […]

Business (and Life) Thoughts from a College Student

By Shannon Farr, Writing Intern Now that is a strange idea, isn’t it? How could a current college student have business insights to offer? Especially, since this college student is an English and Communication majors? Well, here’s the idea. College is hard, that much is obvious to anyone who has looked at college, attended college, […]

Simplifying the Art of Business Blogging available as an online course

I’ve been teaching about various online writing skills for at least six years and for the first time, one of my courses about online writing will be available … you guessed it … online. Simplifying the Art of Business Blogging is now available on my online writing school at I designed Simplifying the Art […]

5 Quotes to Keep Your Entrepreneurial Mind at Ease

By Claudia Young, Writing Intern I am a writer, a leader, and a small business owner. I am one of those people who loves to wear multiple hats because I get so much out of each responsibility. As a writer, I get to create my own story and determine the ending. The Type A in […]

4 tips for getting organized

By Shannon Farr, Writing Intern You are working on one project, something comes up, so you just push it aside on your desk until you finish the next project. But wait, something comes up at home and you have to rush out of the office. Now your desk has three or four projects laying around, […]

5 Steps to a Social Media Strategy

By Claudia Young, Writing Intern   If you feel constantly overwhelmed keeping up with your company’s social media or don’t even know where to start, you’re not alone. Having a specific plan in mind to reach your goals is hard. What exactly is going to bring your business, and what social media is going to […]