How learning a foreign language improves your writing

  By Wayne C. Hahne, Writing Intern Writers are always looking to sharpen their craft in order to both write more proficiently and enhance their style of doing so. One lesser known, but successful method of enhancing your style and gaining more avenues professionally is learning a second language.

Thoughts from Ireland: Wisdom comes from experience

Most people posit that wisdom comes with age, and I’d agree with that. But what about the younger generations? As a 21-year-old, I am left to wonder, how do we become wiser? Do we simply have to wait for the years to pass? Through my relatively short time alive, I have come to form the […]

How I manage a small business while living with chronic illness

By Jamie Smith, owner of Jamie’s Notebook As small business owners, we overcome challenges to make our businesses successful. When you also live the life of a “spoonie” (someone with a chronic illness), the number of challenges often seem insurmountable. Today I’m sharing a few tips I’ve learned the hard way about running a small […]

Tips for Running a Business with Your Spouse

By Claudia Young, Writing Intern My husband and I run a photography business together. I love him dearly, but it creates some dissonance in our relationship sometimes. Working with your spouse is so much different than with regular coworkers because you have to find the line between work life and personal life. Here are a […]

Pride and becoming a better writer don’t mix

Pride can be a finicky thing, you can have and be proud of your work, but too much pride can make it hard to learn from mistakes as well. While in my senior year, I look back on the many mistakes I have made and realize that speaking on one specific mistake can help incoming […]

Tips for getting the best photos for your website and social media

By Claudia Young, Writing Intern (and professional photographer) In the midst of business startup costs, it’s hard to justify hiring a photographer to take your social media and website photos for you. While the outcome would be professional and beautiful, sometimes it’s just not in the budget in the beginning. If you’re needing some new […]

Tips for getting back on track with your writing despite life’s distractions

By Wayne C. Hahne, Writing Intern Whether you’re a college student completing a writing assignment or working on a writing project at your job, life’s circumstance can often negatively surprise you and the related emotions can easily distract from getting your work or studies done. Whether for work or school, habits that help calm and […]

The art of guest blogging

One of my clients, More Than A Review, is a unique book review site that offers advertising services on their website for authors and companies that offer services or products to authors and other avid readers. This worked out pretty well for me recently as I had something I wanted to promote, my new online […]

Managing a Multigenerational Workplace

By Shannon Far, Writing Intern Every workplace is different. Some places require business formal dress every day, while others rely heavily on being an online business, while others still are trying their hardest to market to as many people as possible. Some of the biggest conversations in business revolve around this idea of a generational […]

Do you hear what I hear? A TEDx talk about communication

Anyone who follows my business and this blog knows I enjoy talking about various forms of communication including writing and how we communicate as leaders. Last October, I had the honor of presenting a TEDx talk at TEDxDicksonSt. For my talk, I discussed a different kind of communication, this time between the able-bodied world and […]