PLE Advising

Personal Leadership Effectiveness™ Advising is a different style of service from Jamie’s Notebook. PLE™ Advising gives people a voice by helping them better understand their core attitudes, beliefs and commitments that guide every decision they make in life.

This service is ideal for the individual who wants to better understand their attitudes and character development for both professional and personal growth. It’s also a great service for an employer to use when gaining a better understanding of current and potential team members.

What is PLE™?
Personal Leadership Effectiveness™ is comprised by a person’s character and behavior DNA. Jamie is certified as a PLE™ Advisor, which means she works with individuals to better understand their results from the MERIT Profile™ Assessment.

The MERIT Profile™ provides a view into 10 character competencies that are grouped as the Attitudes, Beliefs, and Commitments of the person completing this assessment. The 10 character competencies are built around Future Achievement International’s® proprietary MAXIMIZERSTM principles.

The MERIT Profile™ is a web-based, print-optional report of an individual’s responses to a 60-item character and behavior survey.

Jamie is certified through Future Achievement International® and partners with Inseitz Group to provide advisement services. She is able to connect interested parties with a certified PLE™ coach for those who want to develop a Life Action Plan based on the results of the MERIT Profile™ assessment.