Jamie’s Notebook joining with NTI Business & Industry for classes (press release)

New courses at NTI Business & Industry to address website, corporate blogging needs NTI partnering with NWA-based writing services company Jamie’s Notebook   SPRINGDALE, Ark.—Two new classes being offered in July at the Northwest Arkansas Technical Institute Business & Industry in Springdale will address a different kind of skill from their usual small business-oriented offerings. […]

Do you have an effective author website?

I was honored recently to guest post over at MoreThanAReview.com, which owned and operated by my friend Donna Feyen. She is also one of my clients as I help her with her newsletters. In this sponsored post, I talked about what makes an effective author website. It used to be that authors could rely entirely […]

How online writing differs from traditional print (and how it’s the same)

I think the first time I knew I wanted to write for a living was sometime around second grade, which for me was in the early to mid-1980s. If you would have told me then that instead of writing for newspapers and other printed materials that I would be writing on something called “the internet,” […]

Press release: Jump start your business blog with this free webinar

For Immediate Release June 6, 2017 Free webinar to help jump start your business blog Understand the “why” of business blogging, how to get started   Companies and non-profit organizations that might be on the fence about whether or not to start a blog can get their answers during an upcoming free webinar called Why […]

4 tips for a successful About page on your website

One of my recent blogs focused on four components of a successful website, including search engine optimization, intuitive navigation, clear call to action, and a clear way that you can solve the reader’s problem. Today, we’re going to talk about the second most commonly visited page on most websites: the About page. Philosophy of an About […]

Full-day class to feature various forms of online writing for small business

For more information   Alison Taylor-Brown Founder/Director, The Village Writing School alisontaylorbrown@me.com 479.292.3665 www.villagewritingschool.com   Jamie Smith Owner, Jamie’s Notebook jamie@jamiesnotebook.com 479.531.1685 www.jamiesnotebook.com       For Immediate Release May 23, 2017   Online platform writing focus of full-day course June 10 Village Writing School class geared to authors, small business and nonprofits ROGERS, ARK.— […]

4 key components for any successful website

I’m often asked about what makes a website successful and there’s no quick answer to that. In the seminars that I teach, I usually go page-by-page and offer tips for success, as well as general site-wide best practices. Each industry will have specific “must haves” for their websites but I find that no matter the […]

Who should be writing your company blog? Questions to help you decide

  We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of having a business blog, and even how to make that blog successful. However, we have not spent time discussing how to go about choosing the right blogger for the job. When deciding who should write your business’ blog, you have two options. Should you use an […]

5 steps to better life balance

Have you ever felt like life was just out of whack? As if you simply can’t get everything done? Consider this: the problem might be that you are focusing on trying to find “work/life” balance. In my last blog, I discussed how the idea of work/life balance is not only irrational, it’s unhealthy. We talked […]

3 reasons ‘work/life’ balance is a fallacy (and a glimpse at a better solution)

  We’ve all heard the idea of “work/life balance” and a growing number of companies even support the idea because letting employees have time to manage their lives outside of work usually means better a better-engaged workforce. Here’s the problem: the idea of work/life balance is a fallacy. A farce. And not to mention, unhealthy. […]