Exciting growth at Jamie’s Notebook: Introducing Laurie Marshall

There’s some exciting news at Jamie’s Notebook that I believe will make this business even better equipped to serve existing clients and to serve more clients. With the business’ rapid growth in the last six months, I decided it was time to reach out to another writer to help carry the load.

I’m incredibly excited to introduce everyone to Laurie Marshall, a friend, a professional writer and in general just a fun person to be around. As an entrepreneur, it’s wonderful to know that I’ve found someone I can trust to work with my clients and who will create top-notch copy.

It seemed silly to write about another writer, so I thought I’d let Laurie introduce herself in her own voice.

Meet Laurie Marshall

headshot beachI’ve been writing since high school when I was creating romantic, angst-ridden poetry in my journal. In my teens, I thought I’d get a degree in Theatre, in my 20s I toyed with Graphic Art, then took a side-street and got married and had two daughters.

While I was being a wife and mother, I was still writing—filling journals, creating a regular newsletter for the graduate law program at the University of Arkansas, and compiling bios of the incoming LLM students for the admission review committee. I even won an online essay contest that gave me six months of free health club membership in exchange for weekly missives about the journey to get fit.

Growing a skill, developing a passion

All this writing was happening, but I never realized that I had a skill that I should be working to grow. I guess I was growing it without knowing it. Additional employment experience taught me to write in other “voices” as I created correspondence and communication for my employer focused on different audiences.

headshot writerFinally, I found myself in the perfect position to get back to college and complete a degree. As the advisor and I looked over the years of classes I took here and there when I could, it became clear that the degree I was closest to was in English. Not terribly exciting, except there was that “creative writing emphasis” bit.

That was it. That was where I needed to be.

I didn’t want to just learn to write a good research paper—I wanted to learn to write words that moved people. Words that charmed and convinced and made the reader smile, or cry… any emotion would be fine.

Paid for words

After completing my degree, I started looking for a job in the nonprofit sector, based on the experience I had at the U of A during their billion-dollar campaign. I knew that I could raise money, I could speak on behalf of causes I loved, and I could create persuasive words to help me communicate the mission and vision of the organization.

I found a job that was perfect for me, and for my family, and over the next five years, built their social media presence and created a blog that I am very proud of. This year, I left that non-profit to start writing for myself.

970980_130444260491597_814405945_nI still want to help local businesses and organizations, and to teach and persuade and create emotional responses—but I want to do it for many, not just one. And I want to spend more time expanding on the fiction that is bouncing around in my notebooks. So many words, so little time.

I remarried back there during the degree-earning years, and have three kids now, and a grand-daughter. I spend my days writing, managing my side-gig, Junque Rethunque, and picking up the Legos that I have determined are replicating themselves as we sleep.

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  1. Jo Lightfoot October 16, 2013 at 3:02 pm #

    Congrats to both of you for your individual achievements and for forming such a great partnership. I’m confident your skills and dedication will serve your clients well.

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