Which word do you mean? (Not about it’s/its)

We’ve all seen the memes, arguments and rants that argue the difference between it’s/its or you’re/your. I’m a professional writer and I’m even tired of hearing about it. Whether it’s auto correct or just busyness, most people know the right word to use they just don’t for whatever reason.

Even though I’m tired of the rants, the truth is, words mean things.There’s been a rise of certain words being used in social media (everything from Facebook to Twitter to blogs) that are getting confused with similarly spelled or pronounced words. Sometimes the words are used in a way that it’s clear the person doesn’t realize there’s a difference. Take a look at this simple infographic that demonstrates the difference between some of the most commonly misused words. Do you recognize any of these? Can you think of any others?




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  1. Sharon February 11, 2013 at 8:38 am #

    Jamie: One I’ve been seeing recently that surprises me is there, their, they’re.

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